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Guangdong SNOWLAND Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the leading enterprise in R&D and manufacturing ice machines equipment with more than 10 year experience, such as direct cooling block ice machine, flake ice machine, tube ice machine and cold storage room, and continuously supply high quality ice solutions with exceptional efficiency and reliability.

Guangdong Snowland Ice making Equipment Co., Ltd (abbreviated as "SNOWLAND")is located in an important manufacturing base in China-Foshan city. Our company is a modern enterprise is specialized in manufacturing full-automatic direct cooling ice machine, chip ice machine, pipe ice machine and related ice making equipments. It combines R&D, production, installation, maintenance, adhering to the management concept of "quality first, reputation first, service first", Our products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions at home and abroad, and have won good praises from customers. Our product adopt world-famous brand accessories and first-class production management system, which can ensure perfect quality products.

15 years ago, SNOWLAND start producing flake ice machine and tube ice machine. 5 years ago, SNOWLAND invented and manufactured the first full-automatic direct cooling block ice machine, which has created new changes in ice making technology worldwide, and constantly replaced the traditional ice making process. Its energy saving, high efficiency, automation, the use of artificial intelligence system and environmental protection refrigerants will help us to build a green earth environment.

Daily output of SNOWLAND ice making equipment varies from a few tons to a thousand tons, are widely used in food processing, aquatic product processing, super market, hotel, logistics, ocean fishing, water conservancy and hydropower, large concrete cooling project, mine cooling, chemical cooling, artificial snow making, ice storage, cold air conditioning for environmental protection and other fields. In the future, SNOWLAND will innovate and develop continuously, making greater contribution to the global customers.

Full automatic direct cooling block ice machine is the most advaneed ice producing machine in the market. The evaporator and refrigerant heat transfer directly to freeze. The product performanee is more stable, the life of the equipment is more durablefmore than 10 years life); Differed from the brine water block ice machine, it can save electricity cost 25 degree per ton. Saving operating costs, it can be designed as containerized with simple operation, smaller area, and saving energy and human labor cost, greatly reduces the making ice cost, which is the best equipment to invest in ice making plants.





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