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大家好,最近浙江卫视“1818黄金眼”栏目,报道了我公司和浙江嘉兴申女士的合同纠纷,好多朋友打电话过来问我们具体是什么情况。 在此给大家说一下事情的情况,我们去年年底向法院提出了机器鉴定申请,法院已经委托了第三方鉴定机构,对我们的设备做鉴定,应该很快会有结果,请大家不信谣,不传谣,有结果了我们会第一时间告知大家,感谢大家的关心 特此公告。     广东雪源制冰设备有限公司 2022-5-27

The application industry of Xueyuan direct cooling block ice machine?

Because the snow source direct cooling block ice machine is simple to operate, easy to use, fully automatic in the ice making process, small in area, simple to install, and can be transported as a whole, it has a wider range of applications, except for traditional aquatic preservation , Vegetables, fruit transportation, factory cooling, chemical cooling, especially suitable for enterprises and personal use, in chemical dyes, ice storage, low temperature cold water, cold energy recycling and other new industries are also widely used.

What are the ice specifications of the Snow Source Ice Maker?

The common ice specifications of Xueyuan direct cooling block ice machine are as follows:

Comparison of ice cost between direct cooling block ice machine and brine block ice machine

Water fee: 5 yuan per party, electricity fee: 0.8 yuan per kWh, equipment model: 20 tons per day The ice cost of direct cooling block ice machine is as follows: Water fee: the equipment makes 20 tons of ice a day, and the water fee per day is 20*5=100 yuan Electricity cost: The electricity consumption of direct cooling ice making is about 60 degrees, here is calculated at 65 degrees, the electricity cost: 20*65*0.8=1040 yuan Labor: labor is calculated at 25 yuan per hour, 2 people, each person works 4 hours a day, labor cost is: 2*4*25=200 yuan The cost of brine type block ice machine ice is as follows: Water fee: The equipment makes 20 tons of ice a day, and the water fee per day is 23*5=115 yuan (Salt water generally costs more water, 20 tons of ice and 23 tons of water are just estimates) Electricity cost: direct cooling ice making consumes about 80 degrees, here is calculated at 85 degrees, electricity cost: 20*85*0.8=1360 yuan Labor: labor is calculated at 25 yuan per hour, 2 people, each working 6 hours a day, labor cost: 2*6*25=300 yuan The cost of buying salt: the 20-ton ice maker runs for 8 months every year, the cost of buying salt is about 4000 yuan, and the cost of buying salt: 4000/240=16.7/day Note: The salt water concentration will decrease due to repeated ice production, and salt must be added to the salt pond to maintain the concentration. Generally, calcium chloride is purchased, and the market price is 1,000 yuan/ton. Ice mold replacement fee: 20 tons of ice mold and ice bucket holder, the total value is about 50,000 (protection replacement labor, freight, etc.), the equipment is calculated at 6 years, the ice mold replacement is: 8,300 yuan a year, every year Calculated based on 8 months of ice making, the daily cost is: 8300/240=34.5 yuan Note: The direct cooling type ice mold basically does not need to be replaced, and there is no need to buy salt, so the cost is lower. Therefore: the direct cooling block ice machine costs 20 tons of ice per day: 100+1040+200=1340 yuan The cost of making 20 tons of ice per day for the brine type block ice machine is: 115+1360+300+16.7+34.5=1826.2 If 20 tons of ice cubes are produced per day, the direct cooling block ice machine will save cost than the salt water block ice machine if it is calculated as 8 months of production per year: (1826.2-1340)*30*8=116688 yuan The direct cooling block ice machine saves per ton of ice than the salt water block ice machine: (1826.2-1340)/20=24.3 yuan

How to choose the location of the ice factory?

The location of the ice factory is very important. Consider the following factors: 1. The distance between the ice factory and the ice market, whichever is closer, 2. The water source, ice making requires water every day. If you use water for ice making, you don’t need to spend money. That year will save a lot of costs. 3. Power supply: Electricity is the biggest cost of ice making. In addition to the power supply that can meet the requirements of the machine's operation, since the electricity price has a peak and valley price, it can make good use of low electricity costs for ice making. , Can greatly save the cost of ice making. 4. Noise: The equipment is noisy in operation, so the noise must be considered when installed near residential areas. 5. Auxiliary equipment, general ice storage, ice crusher, and ice tongs will all If it is used, it is best to let the manufacturer complete the equipment, so as not to be inconvenient to use. 6. The installation location and installation requirements of the machine must be communicated clearly with the manufacturer to avoid unnecessary trouble.

I don't know the configuration of the ice machine, and don't know what kind of machine is configured well.

From the structural point of view, the ice maker can be basically divided into: compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, electronic control component, equipment frame Compressors are Bitzer, come to Fukang, Hanzhong, Fusheng is more common, Bitzer is from Germany, come to Fukang is Italy, Hanzhong and Fusheng, there are many other brands of compressors, it takes a little time, Basically, you can understand clearly. Evaporator: The evaporator of the block ice machine is the ice mold, which is made of aluminum alloy, and the size can be customized. The production process is similar. Condenser: There are many manufacturers of condensers. There are evaporative cooling, water cooling, and air cooling. In the north, it freezes in winter. It is recommended to use evaporative cooling or air cooling. In the south, evaporative cooling or water cooling can be used. Expansion valve: Danfoss and Emerson are more well-known, domestic brands are less Electrical components: high-end Mitsubishi, Schneider, Siemens, domestic ones generally use Chint. Equipment frame: Generally, it depends on the specifications of steel and the thickness of the material. The surface treatment is generally paint. The better one is hot-dip galvanizing. Stainless steel is the best, but the cost is too high and it is rarely used.


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