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Xueyuan Ice will wholeheartedly provide you with comprehensive after-sales service, and welcome your suggestions and comments on our work.

The service content we provide is:


pre-sale service

Product consultation

Free for customers to answer related questions about product configuration, performance, model, use, etc.

technical consulting

Free for customers to answer questions about the working principle, working conditions, model selection, and other aspects of the product


According to customer requirements, provide customers with detailed ice making plans and product quotations
In-sale service

Product design/production

Carefully identify customer requirements and tailor products to customers

Product production process

Implement ISO9001-2008 quality management system to ensure product quality

Product transportation

Help customers to handle commodity inspection, customs declaration and transportation matters

Product installation

Free professional and technical personnel to guide customers in product installation and commissioning

Spare parts for wearing parts

Provide customers with spare parts and professional repair tools for free

Technical Training

Free training for customers on ice making principles, equipment operation precautions, and daily problem handling methods
After-sales service

Warranty Service

All products will provide customers with 12 months free warranty service from the date of delivery

Equipment maintenance

Develop complete equipment maintenance plans for customers for free, and provide customers with technical guidance for life

Equipment Repair

Provide on-site maintenance services within 24 hours according to customer needs, and overseas maintenance services

Parts supply

Provide parts and components for customers with zero profit for life



Training plan: provide online or on-site technical training.

1. The company regularly organizes after-sales training meetings every year, attended by agents, special repairers and user operators;

2. According to customer needs, regional professional training can be done;

3. After the installation of the engineering equipment is completed, free operation and simple fault diagnosis and troubleshooting training or technical seminars for users at the engineering site.

Maintenance plan:

1. Quarterly maintenance and annual maintenance

2. Maintenance content: cleaning the evaporator, ice storage and water system; checking the thickness of ice flakes, detecting and adjusting water, electricity and control components, and system pressure testing, etc.

Product Commitment:

1. Our company's products have passed ISO9001 certification and are designed and manufactured in accordance with European CE standards;

2. Our company's products have obtained a number of production technology patents, and the products are exported to domestic and foreign markets;

3. Our company's products have an annual inspection plan to ensure the stable and long-term use of the products;

4. If any design defect or failure caused by our product quality is found when using our equipment, we will be responsible for recalling the product and bear the costs incurred;

5. We promise that the content of the quotation documents provided is true and effective, and we guarantee that the contract will be fulfilled in strict accordance with the requirements of the tendering party for the product after the contract takes effect, so as to ensure the long-term friendly cooperation between the two parties;

6. Our promise: The warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, all parts replacement and maintenance are free.

Professional after-sales team

1. Have professional skills and a highly responsible work spirit;

2. Rich experience in refrigeration and electrical maintenance;

3. Equipped with professional maintenance tools.

Technical Support

Xueyuan customer service representative will be at your service 7*24 hours every Monday to Sunday

Tel: Manager Qiu 18038852766

E-mail: 771348712@qq.com

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