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The advantages of direct cooling block ice machine are introduced in detail

Direct cooling block ice machine is a new large block ice making technology in recent years. The machine has a high degree of automation and more stable performance. It is the trend of the ice making industry in the future. Compared with traditional ice making technology, it has many advantages. One: energy saving. Electricity per ton of ice: about 60 kWh, which is more than 30% more energy-efficient than traditional salt water ice making. Advantage 2: Direct cooling block ice machine with high degree of automation. The ice making, adding water and deicing can be automatically controlled. Unlike traditional salt water ice making, manual and crane operations are required. Advantage 3: Freezing speed is the same as ice cubes It saves 3-6 hours of freezing time than salt water. The average freezing temperature of the salt water block ice machine is generally around -10 degrees.

Suggestions for configuration selection of direct cooling block ice machine

How to choose a good direct cooling block ice machine? As a new type of ice making equipment, the direct cooling block ice machine has many advantages that have been favored by customers. However, there are many direct cooling block ice machine manufacturers on the market with different standards. It is really dazzling for everyone. Give some suggestions for your reference. 1. Ice cube selection: It is recommended to choose the same size as the ice cubes sold locally. 2. Machine configuration: Mainly equipped with compressors, condensers, refrigeration accessories, electric control originals. Although the prices of well-known brand accessories are generally higher, but hundreds of thousands of equipment should not be saved or should not be saved, easy to use, stability is hard reason. 3. Evaporator: Aluminum


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